Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Incorporating Upcycling in Decorations

What does Upcycling mean? Upcycling is another way of recycling products to benefit the economy by making high quality products. Many of us already know this can be done in our society in a DIY sort of way, but in other countries this line of work is used to actually make money because there are no other jobs to help families make an income. With the increase in unemployment rates, there could be lines of work that can help provide jobs for people.

Personally, I was thinking of creative ways people can use upcycling. The first thing that is already using upcycling is wedding or party planners; many of us have seen those pintrest posts about making flower boards or center pieces without spending much money. Personally, I know a wedding planner that used wine bottles for center pieces. How did she make something like this work for a wedding? She gathered a bunch of used wine bottles, and spray painted them with gold and gold sparkles. She easily had a bunch of beautiful center pieces, without spending money. Weddings are one of those things people just spend way too much money on, so upcycling even for the smallest things can benefit both the environment and your wallet.

Decorations in both parties or at home can be a creative way to incorporate upcycling that provides a sustainable and economically friendly solution for everyone. Let's say you want to put some fresh flowers at home--don't throw out those dead light bulbs, empty them out and hang them up with the flowers coming out of it. There's always a way to use everyday products without being wasteful; you can help both the environment and yourself.

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