Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Upcycling in the Garden

There are many reasons why people want a garden. First, it’s very visual appealing. All around, it makes your house look nicer, feel happier, and even smell better. Second, it’s convenient and useful. You can grow produce and herbs which saves you trips to the grocery store, and keeps your food organic. Third, it’s cost effective. Gardens increase the worth of your house, and can save money are groceries in the long run. Forth, it’s seen as socially important and impressive. Everyone who passes by can see your house, they can see the time and work you put into it. Lastly, it makes you feel and look good.
Many people enjoy having a garden, they love the way it looks; they enjoy being able to grow their own food; and they get social bragging points. So what gets in the way? For me, its cost. All the products needed to create and maintain a garden can be expensive. BUT WAIT; what if you can use items you already have to replace the expensive ones?
This post serves as a source of starting points towards your dream garden. Save money by using materials you were going to throw away or recycle. With these few tips and tricks, your garden may look better than if you had spent hundreds on it.

Why waste money on fancy planters and pots? Perhaps you can try using an old tool tote, metal tool box, bed frames, outgrown toys, used/damaged pots, teakettles, cups, bowls, etc. An old wheelbarrow, old rowboat, old gutters, garbage cans, wood crates, boots, pianos, bikes, old dressers,  the possibilities are endless.

What about patio furniture? Have you ever wanted a patio swing? Maybe some nice lounge chairs? Could you use an outdoor shelf for all your gardening tools? Pallets are great for creating rustic outdoor furniture. You can take an old and paint it up, placing it on its side, to make a unique and rustic shelf. Take a wood pallet, attach some rope, and add pillows and you have a beautiful patio swing. Maybe make a table or chairs out of pallets too, and add a fresh coat of paint to add to the appeal.

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