Thursday, November 24, 2016

Innovative Ways for the old Mason Jars

     What comes to mind when I say Mason Jars? Does it take you back to hanging out at your grandmothers’ and watching her can food? 

                                                   That’s exactly where my mind goes too! 

     However due to a term called “upcycling” people are finding more creative and innovative ways to reuse mason jars besides just for food products. Some people have turned them into candle holders, coin jars and even decorations in their houses. 

     Have you ever heard of the word "upcycling"? Well if you are unfamiliar with the term “upcycling”, it is just a new way to improve and recycle old items. Instead of trashing the item, people are finding new and inventive ways to reuse and improve the value of the item. It has become trendy on some websites like Pinterest and Etsy. People are posting how one can create cost effective ways to remodel homes, redecorate rooms and even upgrade items without breaking people’s bank accounts as well as make their home unique with style.

      Here are some ideas of what mason jars can be used as besides hording grandma’s delicious peaches and pears!

You can find these pictures and ideas off Pinterest if you are interested in doing any of them. They should have the step by step instructions on how to do them as well! 

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