Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Portland Demographic

Creating businesses in portland that sells upcycled furniture would be popular to its demographic while also providing jobs to the people. Portland's demographic is environmentally friendly and is also popular for independent businesses; for example, as PSU students we are very familiar with the popularity of food carts on our campus. So having an independent business with upcycling furniture will add an environmentally friendly aspect to the demographic while also providing modern looking furniture for homes. It might also inspire others to create their own furniture and expand the idea of upcycling.

Some ideas for upcycled furniture can include making chairs or couches by the use of pallets. This seems to be a useful source for a product that is often just left to rot outside. With businesses, they can take this idea, and polish it up a bit, by staining it and creating protective layer so the stain can progress while also looking shiny. They can also make it more comfortable by making cushion for the back and seating part of the chair. This is an example of the pallet chairs, but the businesses can take it a step further by adding more feature to it; maybe by having different colored options or cushions.

Another way to use pallets can be for bed frames, although it may sound odd it looks perfect for a vintage or modern style home. Pallets are a popular use of furniture because they are made to take on a lot of weight, and it doesn't require reconstruction of the wood inorder to let it hold.

Regarding decorations, old t shirts or towels can be used to make rugs or shower mats. By cutting them into long think pieces and weaving them or crocheting them into a beautiful design. And again businesses can find ways to polish these everyday at home designs and make them more intricate or colorful.
To this!

Businesses can take simple homemade ideas from this
Not only is creating the upcycled furniture and decorations buisness a good way to help the environment, but creating this buisness in portland will mean that it will get a large amount of support from the consumers because we are a generally green state. 

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