Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Too Many T-Shirts

When considering an upcycling project, I feel it is important to consider what you have an advance of to work with. I personally have more than one overflowing drawer of boxy t-shirts, from every team I’ve ever been on, places I’ve worked, gyms I’ve gone to, my favorite bands, and wrestlers, the vast majority of these are very important to me, but I would have to go multiple moths of not doing laundry to actually wear all of them, so I took to the internet to look for ways to transform these sentimental beauties! 

For my specific purposes, I ran into some project selection issues right away. The vast majority of t-shirt projects turns t-shirts into t-shirts with a slightly different shape or with decorative holes and patterns, but none of that solves my problem of having more shirts than I can wear! Many of the others were complete transformations which was much closer to what I was looking for, but many don’t retain any integrity of the shape or screen printing which for me in the thing that makes these shirts so hard to part with. 

Ultimately I found a few ways to fully upcycle t-shirts while keeping their design intact. 

Tote Bags
(This one was extra enticing to me as it’s NO SEW!)

Infinity Scarf

Throw Pillow Covers

Here's a Tutorial!

Or if you're like me and you love the idea of these projects more than you have follow through you can also pay to send in a collection of t-shirts and receive a quilt back! 

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