Monday, November 21, 2016

Why Upcycle? The Impact and Effect of Your Creativity

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Why Upcycle? The Impact and Effect of Your Creativity

Since the dawning of the Industrial Revolution, humanity has faced a problem unlike any other- it is expanding too fast! 

We are creating and consuming at a mind-boggling rate and are beginning to wonder what we can do as individuals to reduce our impact.  

Between compost, recycling and minimizing our use of fossil fuels, we are beginning to uncover some solutions, but where upcycling differs from the rest, is that we immediately stop the cycle of goods flowing back into systems of waste management. 

 Your Future Depends on it

  • It is projected that by 2030, the amount of household waste will double to 3 billion tons annually.  

  • Most waste ends up in landfills, or at waste disposal furnaces, burned, creating the highly carcinogenic compound, known as dioxin, which has been known to cause cancer and fertility issues.

#FACT - 4% of #Sweden's #TRASH goes to landfill. the REST CREATES #ENERGY:

While some countries have public policy in place that directly addresses the problems of waste, other countries such as the United States incinerates a majority of its waste.  This leaves a burden of the responsibility on us, the consumers.  

Upcycling presents the creative alternative to waste, and as shown above, can literally help reduce cancer rates, through avoiding the production of dioxin.  

Numerous examples are upcycling are found throughout Ecolpol.  In order to promote the success of future generation, it is not only a fun and creative way to create items with utility, it will promote the health and well-being of the public.  

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