Wednesday, November 30, 2016

You use it once... then what?
Awareness is step one

Here is the reality

We can change this
Adidas did it! 
Adidas turns profit by turning plastic waste into sneakers!

The Esty artist TheOrigianlMustach Does it

Landfill decomposition rates:

Milk carton: 5 years

Plastic milk jug: 500 years

Aluminum can: 80 to 200 years

Plastic drinking bottles: hundreds of years

 Plastic bags: hundreds of years

Cigarette butt: up to five years & leaches toxins into the ground

Newspaper: 2 to 4 weeks or longer

Glass bottles: tens of thousands of years

Styrofoam: no sign of ever breaking down 

(figures from

What can you do.. LITERALLY anything!
just google it
there was so much that you can make I couldn't choose what to show you
the world is yours for the taking. 
take it and make it as fun as possible

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