Monday, November 28, 2016

Upcycling! One Product at a Time!

Do you have any unwanted doors or cabinet doors? If you do and would like to upcycle them, here are some cool ideas you could do with them.

For unwanted doors, you could make tables out of them!

(Below is the link to access the tutorial on how to make a table of your choice.)

I even have some friends who have done this. They were given a few bar stools for free and found a decent height table at a garage sale. Instead of buying a bar table for their dining room for a few hundred dollars, they created a style they liked and only paid $40 in total to upcycle it. They even stripped the old bar stools down, re-padded them and styled them with fabric they liked and now have a new table for their own dining room.

  (Here is what they made.)

You can even turn some cabinets into benches with shelving storage. If you like what you see, the link below is how to recreate this master piece. 

While hunting around for other ideas to spice up one’s own home, I discovered someone who upcycled their child’s old crib into a dog kennel. The link below is how you can create it.

All of these ideas, are ways that people can help save their environment as well as save money. For example, look at what my friends were capable of! They refurnished free bar stools and found a cheap table from a garage sale that saved them a bunch of money. If they had not refurnished the table and bar stools, where would the products have gone? 

.....To the landfill.... 

Does anyone realize we are running out of space for landfills and that all the landfills are leaking into the Earth and polluting the environment? Unfortunately people now days are still not as educated on this problem. Or if they are, they feel they don’t have the ability to help out in their own homes. But by upcycling products that are within your own home. instead of tossing them out, is helping to save the environment one product at a time!

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