Friday, November 4, 2016

Upcycling: It's Not Just DIY

I know that personally when I sift through the endless options of amazing upcycled projects I feel instantly inspired! Finding whichever outcomes I’m most drawn to and running right to the store to get the things to make them— wait, that’s not right! 

Before running out to your local craft store to buy a brand new t-shirt to turn into a bag, remember that upcycling is different from DIY, it’s about reducing waste and reusing what you already have to make it into something else, hopefully, something even better! The t-shirt bag project you (okay, I…) saw on Pinterest and were dying to make, is not worth buying that new shirt, which took 700 gallons of water to manufacture, remember why you started looking for upcycling projects in the first place! 

When getting inspired by upcycling projects, take a quick inventory of what materials you have available to you already for upcycling and see what you can make out of them. I know we all love a good t-shirt bag, but if you have to buy the shirt to make it, save that project for later and find something to make with the stack of newspapers or wine bottles you’ve been saving for your crafting day first!

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