Saturday, August 17, 2013

Cost of Solar Energy Lower Than Nuclear

Times in energy productivity have been changing it has recently been announced that solar power is for the first time in history, cheaper than nuclear energy per kilowatt hour(Scott, C.) a study conducted by Duke University announced.
This tug of war between the environmentally safe and friendly solar power to it’s cheaper and infinitely more dangerous competitor nuclear energy has finally gone the way of the sun.
However, not all of the problems are solved nuclear is still capable of producing more energy in terms of volume. Also there are a lot of subsidies involved with producing solar energy. Still researchers say even when all of the subsidies are removed nuclear will still be cheaper within a decade, which is fantastic news for environmentalists everywhere.  

Still the argument persists that solar energy is not on it’s on enough to power the future due to its reliance on the sun. Essentially, the sun is only putting out energy 10 hours a day, scientists a researchers have to come up with a plan make up for the other 14 hours a day where the sun is not shining  or there is rain or cloud cover to make the technology truly sustainable. I know it seems simple but when compared with the nuclear alternative’s 24 hour 365 days a year ability to generate life sustaining power, it’s easy to see why so many countries have chosen to rely on it instead of solar, even though its inherently dangerous and a potential environmental nightmare. In reality most researchers think that solar is a great option to use in concert with some other staple of energy or a combination of more sustainable sources (wind, hydro, thermal, etc.)

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