Saturday, August 17, 2013

India Looks to Solve Energy Poverty Through Solar Means

One of the issues with renewable energy sources is their deployability in developing nations. Unfortunately, most of the issue comes down to cost, it’s simply not cheap and without significant investment from foreign investors or interests the creation these types renewable and sustainable power-producing facilities is simply not possible. In many situations developing nations turn to fossil fuels for energy production. This is not an ideal solution for the environment or for the people of those nations but it is an economically a viable one and it is very quick. India, like many developing nations is experiencing problems providing enough power and have also had the option to turn to coal to power for electricity generation. However, India, even though under pressure to power its newly burgeoning economy is turning to solar power instead.

The reason for India's choice of solar is due in large part to the fact that this year India has been experiencing an increase in blackouts although they’ve been an issue for years. In 2012 over 620 million people were affected by blackouts. Interestingly, the states in India that are experiencing the worst blackouts and most frequent blackouts are some of the most conducive to solar energy solutions (see map below):

The idea is to install solar power generation facilities in these states to combat the issue of blackouts and spur on continued economic growth. India's choice of solar to solve their power issue could pave the way for other developing nations to follow suit. To learn more please go to: 

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