Wednesday, August 14, 2013

New Technologies, New Ballgame

V3Solar is claiming to have created a new solar device that will compete with big energy. The levelized costs of energy will be two-thirds the price of retail electricity and over 3 times cheaper than current solar technology.  They are naming it the "Spin Cell" after it's rotating motion.  


The device works to keep it cool, much like a summer breeze hitting our skin to prevent us from overheating.  As a result, its performance is impossible for a regular panel to match.  In fact, one photovoltaic cell can handle a concentration of energy equal to 30 suns, improving the efficiency of the PV by 20% over most standard panels.  

The unique thing about this new solar technology is that the sun can hit the panels from infinite angles.   

V3Solar states, “For too long, the world believed solar was flat…[but] using specialized lensing and a rotating, conical shape, the Spin Cell can concentrate the sunlight…with no head degradation.”  

The additive effect of sunlight creates a multiplier effect that results in better performance.  The flat panels that are currently used miss out on time when the sun doesn't face it.  These Spin Cells allow for the sun to 'hit' the solar cone practically anytime it is shining.  

People are already dreaming up aesthetic possibilities with the only one meter across size of the cone.  

Even if this technology is over-promising and under-delivering it still drives others to work toward unprecedented new opportunities in technology for wining the battle on renewable energy.  That alone is a cause to continue working toward escaping energy poverty.  

You can read more about V3Solar by visiting their website here.

For a look at the press release this post is based on, check out The Energy Collective.

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