Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Right Idea, However Small, Changes Lives.

Allow me to introduce, Practical Action.  
This charity is doing big things for developing countries hoping to Escape Energy Poverty.  
Practical Action uses technological methods to challenge the cycle of poverty in developing countries.  They work in 40 countries throughout the developing world.  Their strength is in their proven program. They find out what people are doing and help them to do it better.   Total Energy Access is Practical Action’s approach.  To achieve universal energy they believe their is an understanding required of who has access to energy across households, businesses and in the community, and how that energy is used.  This can only happen if it is measured properly and at the right scale. Billions of people use energy from off-grid sources, so measuring grid electricity access is not the answer.
Through technology Practical Action enables poor communities to build on their skills and knowledge to produce sustainable and practical solutions.  They are transforming lives forever and helping to protect the world around them.  The charity uses low cost, appropriate, small-scale development solutions to help people to help themselves.  Whatever they do, the activities are always people focused, locally relevant and environmentally sensitive.  
"Our vision is a world free of poverty and injustice in which technology is used to benefit all."
Their methods are validated as each year they help around a million people break out of the cycle of poverty... for good!
The Poor People’s Energy Outlook 2013 focuses on the contributions that improved energy access can make to vital community services such as health, education and infrastructure services including water and street lighting.  The report also contains a refined and developed version of Practical Action’s Energy Access Ecosystems Index which was first proposed in their PPEO 2012. This Index is an exciting tool as it enables people to understand the environment in which change can happen. The PPEO 2013 provides improved indicators that can be used to measure an individual country’s progress towards achieving Total Energy Access.
Practical Action is calling for governments, donors, civil society and the private sector to adopt Total Energy Access as the approach to defining and delivering energy to the billions of poor people who need it. 
Join Them!
"I have 12 years of work and that at this point in my life I have to continue working in conditions of a few centuries ago. The quality of life is low when teachers work in schools without power. The situation of unease and discomfort is constant – only the joy of children encourages me."
Ms. Reque, a teacher at the Challa Chico School in rural Bolivia.
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