Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sci-Fi Utopia or Modern Reality?

A small city situated about an hour south of Boston has just become the first town in Massachusetts to power 100% of its government services using all renewable energy.

All municipal services in the town of Scituate, MA such as water, sewer, and street lights - are set to be completely powered by wind and solar energies.  The town is expected to save over $400,000 per year in electricity costs.
Global energy poverty may seem like an overwhelming issue, but we have to start somewhere if we want to effect change. Scituate is an example of how to begin making major change on minor scale. Wind and solar energy are very much within the realm of possibilities for cities around the US, and the rest of the country would be wise to look to this small town as an example of how to move forward with alternative energy options.

For more information on how Scituate achieved its energy goals, visit

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