Monday, August 12, 2013

Let's Save the Planet

Energy poverty is plaguing countless people around the world. In order to solve this problem, several ideas have been discussed. However, one that is frequently overlooked is wind energy. Many experts focus on solar energy due to the availability of sunlight but wind is just as prevalent and many times cheaper and more efficient in generating power.  Tulsi Tanti, the founder of Suzlon Energy recognizes this and has set out to take advantage of it.

Suzlon Energy is an Indian company that focuses on wind power. Tanti published a book titled Let’s Save the Planet, in which he discusses his plan to end energy poverty by 2020.  Tanti states “…with the right policies, investment and public and private partnership models, we can bring energy to an end by 2020.”  Tanti plans on using his company's leverage and well known wind turbines to implement the solution to energy poverty. Suzlon Energy is the world's fifth largest wind turbine supplier and is host to numerous wind parks around the world. Tanti’s goal to end energy poverty is said to have a threefold effect: make affordable energy accessible to all, reduce carbon emissions, and create employment opportunities leading to growth. Tanti has a good plan of ending energy poverty by increasing wind generated power; however, it takes support from all sectors in order for the plan to be carried out. It is estimated that $48 billion a year is needed to end energy poverty by 2020. The only way this will occur is if government instates policies and private and public investors are willing to contribute. The time is now and your support is needed.

Read Tanti’s article here.
Learn more about Suzlon Energy here.

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