Friday, August 16, 2013

The True Cost of Energy Poverty

The lack of access to energy is something that affects many, from the absence of light to a person’s health to the ability to cook. But what is the true cost of not having energy? Cost in this case being the ability to perform even the basic of tasks. Can you put a price on somebodies well being?  How about their ability to become economically sound or the possibility of never having to worry about their next meal or how their cooking to cook it? Can you put a price on healthier people and lower death rates?

By gaining access to energy, not only are people gaining a better way of life but it gives them the chance to economically prosper, among a vast quantity of other luxuries that come with access to energy. Most of the population that suffers from energy poverty survives on only dollars a day. How are they to afford energy even if we can get it to them? Gaining access to energy can expand the number and variety of business and job opportunities available.

Energy supplied by micro hydro enables Ester from Kenya to earn a steady living as a hairdresser.
Electricity means that businesses, such as hair salons, laundry mats and welders, all of which rely on energy, can function. Energy also leads to the creation of new markets, businesses and job openings, which provide more opportunities for individuals to earn an income and lift them, their families and their communities out of poverty.

So, what is the true cost of energy poverty? It’s priceless! You can’t put a price on something as precious as bettering the life of another human being.

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