Sunday, August 11, 2013

Disrupting the Status Quo for the Sake of the Planet

In a powerhouse global industrial economy, being a corporation means having rights and responsibilities often akin to citizens themselves. Corporations being composed of people are essentially an extension of the values, beliefs, and character traits of those people. Although this analogy is stretched a bit, we've all seen our fair share of corporations rubbed off on by their owners and executives. It is refreshing to see more and more companies, particularly ones in the energy field, actively working towards energy preservation and the creation of methods/processes that are sustainable and healthy for our planet. Although most of these energy companies are in their birthing stages and just beginning to make an impact on local scales - everyone has to start somewhere. It is our responsibility as consumers of products and services to make responsible choices about who we give our businesses too, but even more importantly our support and voices. Being passionate about other's passions - particularly when they are good passions like renewable energy - is a virtue to strive for.

Take LightSail Energy, a company that saw an opportunity for energy where previously there was only waste. Essentially, compressing air for whatever purpose results in the creation of heat (by friction of air molecules being in close proximity to each other) - heath that is usually left to waste. By harnessing this heat the company can produce clean energy from existing methods that our world requires to function.

Read more about some of these companies here:

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