Friday, August 9, 2013

Energy Poverty: You Can Help Make a Difference

While energy poverty is a worldwide issue, there are steps you can take at home to reduce your own personal energy consumption levels, as well as set an example for those around you. National Geographic has organized a personal "Energy Diet" for households who want to make lifestyle changes as they become aware of how they use their energy.

The categories provided in the Energy Diet include reducing consumption in areas such as purchases, food, transportation, heat, electricity, water and waste. You can share your experience on the Energy Diet blog with other participants.

Large scale changes need to be set in motion in order to conquer the energy poverty crisis, but making personal changes can help spread awareness of the issue, as well as effect tangible change on our environment.

For more information on the 360 Energy Diet, visit and sign up to participate in the movement to lower your carbon footprint. 

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