Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Energy Poverty Challenge

               Energy poverty is something that does not necessarily affect us. Unless you are living off the grid somewhere in the middle of Wisconsin, this is probably not something you think about frequently. So why should you care? Right now a person with the same dreams and aspirations as you is living in energy poverty. While you turn on your computer to write your book report, as you listen to your iPod in your brightly lit room, this person is gathering wood to burn for a fire so that she can see enough in the dark to complete her assignment for school. Unlike you, this person must work if she wants the luxury of light, hot food, and entertainment. It is not as easy as the simple flip of a switch.  If you are still not convinced that you should care about energy poverty, see if you can go one day without using electricity of any sort.  

The Challenge

Complete this challenge on a busy weekday when you have to go to school, work, etc. Sitting around in the dark all day on a Saturday does not count. Here’s a few things to get you started:

-Prepare a meal (you might have to get creative and make a fire)
-Successfully complete any school work (too bad you procrastinated on that ten page paper you had to write…)
-Unplug from the matrix; no TV, video games, or iPods (try to find ways to entertain yourself by candle light: read a book, do a puzzle, or simply talk to a friend… Without the use of a phone!)
-Learn to live without heat or air conditioning
-Wash the dishes by hand

               While you do the challenge, think to yourself how you would cope if this was your life on a daily basis. Though energy poverty is not common in the U.S. it is an important issue that needs attention! Check out One's energy poverty challenge here.

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