Thursday, August 15, 2013


Pakistan has had an ongoing struggle with energy poverty and a general under-supply.  Recent developments in their wind power industry could begin to turn the tables.  Two such projects have just been registered under the United Nations’ carbon credit plan.  Foundation Wind Energy 1 and Foundation Wind Energy 2, or so they are called, will be the first to obtain formal registration with the UN’s Clean Development Mechanism.

The owner of these projects has enlisted the help of a climate mitigation project developer in Germany known as Umwelt-Projekt-Management, who deals with many different wind farms throughout China and Pakistan.  The aim of this was to register these as CDM projects so that they will be able to issue certified emission reduction credits.

The backbone of the United Nations project, CDM, are these credits, and the goal is to stimulate sustainable development and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  The credits are then open to being traded or sold to more developed nations, helping them meet regulations all while producing clean energy for the people of Pakistan.

The output of these two wind farms is very impressive.  It is estimated that these will combine to produce around 288,200MWh per year.  This is enough to replace the electricity produced by fossil fuels in the current grid.  By freeing up these fossil fuels, less pollution is emitted and more income will be generated since they are now a surplus.  This will alleviate some of the energy shortage in the country and lay the groundwork for future projects.

The emissions reduction in carbon dioxide is equally impressive as their output.  It is estimated that the close to 1.78 million tons of c02 will be mitigated throughout their 10 year crediting period alone.  Many believe that this single investment will pave the way for a new face on energy in Pakistan, as well as spark future private sector investment in the country’s renewable energy sector.

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