Sunday, August 11, 2013

Have You Heard of Solar Sister?

Women are disproportionately affected by energy poverty. To learn more about the gender-energy connection click here. This is where Solar Sister comes into the equation. Solar Sister is an organization dedicated to putting an end to Energy Poverty by empowering women with economic opportunity. The organization combines the breakthrough potential of solar technology with a deliberately woman-centered direct sales network to bring light, hope and opportunity to even the most remote communities in rural Africa. Being a woman is hard but being a woman living in Africa is even harder. Solar Sister creates sustainable businesses, powered by women entrepreneurs. Solar Sister believes that when you invest in a woman, you invest in the future. Thus far, there are over 400 entrepreneurs and close to 54,000 people benefiting from solar light. Multidimensional initiatives like this not only help to alleviate energy poverty but they is also help individuals establish themselves during these challenging times.

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