Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Electric Car Government Programs

     Growing things need help and encouragement. In order to promoting the electric cars, the U.S. government has created a number of new programs.  Many of the programs came from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. The factory in Holland, Mich., that will build batteries for the Chevrolet Volt and Ford Focus Electric got a $151 million grant from the federal government as part of the stimulus act. Not only does having a domestic battery plant help the electric car industry, but the factory also employs 300 workers, which is no small thing for the troubled Michigan economy. Another factory in Livonia, Mich., received $249 million in stimulus dollars to build electric car batteries.

     However, the government's programs are not only intended for the car makers, they also provide benefits to consumers. One of benefits is that the government offers a tax credit to consumers who buy an electric car. The  programs cover in a variety of areas. The most useful one in my mind is the infrastructure program, which means to place electricity charging stations out where people can use to charge quickly and conveniently.

     In a word, programs that the U.S. government are creating toward the electric cars are used to make the cars easier in consumers' life.

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- Xiaoting Wu


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