Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ready or Not CNG cars are coming!

For the last five years, the movement has been brewing at airports around the United States. Airports on the East and West coast are creating small infrastructure for the use of CGN cars, and adding incentives that are making it possible for transportation companies to dramatically reduce their carbon footprint. Dallas Fortworth International Airport started an incentive program this year which allows CGN powered taxis to be able to move to the front of the line for customers which enables them to receive more business.
In San Jose green taxis are allowed to run fares from the airport daily, while gasoline fuel cabs are only allowed every other day. San Jose airport also offers $4,000 per taxi and $8,000 per shuttle van that switches to CNG. Airports as a business are not doing this on their own, Hertz rental cars has entered into an agreement to build, operate and supply a CNG station at it’s Los Angeles facility, Hertz also plans to supply its own fleet and shuttle buses with CNG powered vehicles. There is a debate as to wheter CNG cars can or will have an infrastructure to make them a viable alternative to gasoline powered vehicles, but it looks like it’s becoming evident that it will be here sooner then anticipated. Its not a matter of it will happen, just when. Milton Barnes III (USA Today) (M2 EquityBites) (Energy Business Journal)

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