Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Renewable Energy vs. Fossil Fuels

By: Mohammed Alfares

Daily resources of energy such as fossil fuels are decreasing more and more of its availability for use because it is not a renewable energy.  Energies that people can use that are renewable, better for the environment, and there is no shortage of are the sun, wind, and water, also including garbage such as old leftover plants or crops, livestock manure, dead trees and many others that are considered as “biomass”.  These resources can be used for energy such as electricity and fuels which can also be considered as recycling daily resources for better energy efficiency.  

One of the main sources used especially in the United States is sunlight which has a broad range across the country in which can produce at least more than twice the amount of electricity for the entire world.  Just alone in the state of California, it can produce at least 11 percent of the world’s wind electricity and with that being said most clean energy sources can be used to process heat, produce electricity, and provide valuable sources of fuel and chemicals that can be less damaging on the environment.  

With a brighter picture of renewable energy, fuels and emissions released into the environment by factories, vehicles, chemical spills, and other facilities have become a great danger to the atmosphere causing what is now called the “greenhouse affect” which consists of carbon dioxide.  Studies that have been developed have made renewable energy become more affordable today versus 25 years ago.  Prices have dropped tremendously from the 1980’s to today providing a wide range of natural renewable resources any where from wind energy, sun energy, to ethanol fuel energy.  With renewable energy starting to become the best source and almost of daily use, more and more jobs can be created for people to work to create a more efficient and better environment for the world. 

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