Saturday, March 5, 2011

New Device to Store Electrical Energy

 By: Mohammed Alfares

     Electrical cars have become a great way of having lower costs and helping to save the environment of pollution from the emission gases.  Although, electrical vehicles also have disadvantages such as not having enough energy for driving distances and yet take hours of time to recharge which does not allow much power for acceleration.  For only a part of time renewable sources such as wind and solar can deliver such a great amount of power, but this can be very expensive and is too inefficient to deliver enough power for surge demand with these devices. 

     New systems of recently been developed and researched that are used for storing electrical energy that is derived from alternative sources which, in some cases, can be ten times more efficient than what is currently available commercially and this will enhance the performance of electrical energy storage devices.  A new technology that is growing rapidly has caused the development of these new systems which is called nanotechnology.  By using new processes centered in nanotechnology, millions of nanostructures are created identically with shapes that are tailored to transport energy very quickly to and from very large areas in the storage they are in.  These nanostructures were mainly created to deliver electrical energy, store, receive, and yet be virtually identical.  One of the main goals of this nanotechnology is having the ability to achieve high amounts of power and energy density and to enable the devices to hold and deliver large amounts of energy at high power with being able to recharge quickly.

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