Thursday, March 10, 2011

Electric Cars--How Much Does It Cost per Charge? And leaf beats volt in new ranking.

Comparing the battery to gasoline power is not a controversial issue anymore because electrical cars are more efficient. The studies shows that electric cars could save the environment and help the economy. According to a study by Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) The hybrid electric vehicle would cost the equivalent of roughly 75 cents per gallon of gasoline. Gas powered cars  waste about 2/3 of their fuel in excess heat. What that’s mean is every $1.00 you put in the tank, only $0.33 goes to move the car. EV are still expensive these days due to higher cost of the battery technology, and the lack of producers.

The ranking for the volt from the ACEE’s methodology, are trying to measure the environmental impacts of those vehicles to our environment. They have measured it from the manufacture of the vehicles to the owner of the cars. EPA mileage ratings can be used to calculate energy consumption and air pollution. For the electrical cars, allowance is made for pollution from power plants charging the battery.

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Abdulaziz Alhadlaq

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