Thursday, March 3, 2011

Why an Electric Fleet Might be Better

There is no doubt that our society is moving toward a radical shift in the way we fuel our private automotive fleet.  Petroleum reserves cannot keep pace with our growing demand for energy.  In fact, our demand for energy is growing while our oil reserves are shrinking.  The end result is inevitably a world where there just isn’t enough gas to go around.  This may happen sooner, or it may happen later; but rest assured it will happen.  When gasoline is no longer an economical option to supply our energy needs, what will we turn to?
  Certainly we may tap the vast coal reserves of the planet or natural gas deposits; but aren’t these fuel sources subject to the same constraints as petroleum?  We could convert ethanol or biomass to fuel sources, these are renewable resources; but where will that leave us in terms of food supply or vegetation that produces the oxygen we require to live.  I’m sure that there are people who believe that we can “make it work” with ethanol and biomass.  However, no one can argue that as it stands our energy demand as well as our population is increasing.  These two factors effectively make ethanol and biomass non-renewable resources; at least in the long term. 

There are renewable resources on our planet which we may harness for energy:  wind, solar, geothermal, hydroelectric, and wave technologies to name a few.  These renewable resources share two common factors:  you cannot burn them in the engine of a car, and they are relatively population independent.  I say that they are relatively population independent because of course in the extreme cases of “gigantic” energy demand and/or monumentally dense population they cease to become viable options as sources that will keep us going as a human race. 

If we are to rely on these renewable resources we must be willing to commit to a private automotive fleet that is based solely on electrical power.  As long as our population growth is kept under control and our energy demands remain in check we can power our society; at least as long as the sun shines and the earth remains a warm and vital place.

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 by Ben Wutzke

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