Thursday, March 3, 2011

Natural Gas Can Power Vehicles OR Electric Power Plants

The importance of having one of the CNG vehicle have been increasing in the recent years because of the high numbers of drivers in the world. According to many studies, the natural gas nowadays is costing about half as much per unit energy as gasoline and has greater cost over diesel fuel. CNG vehicles has many advantages which may affect our environment positively. It has a good track records for safety and cleanliness, and have growing pool of satisfied customers.

Europe have been using CNG for a long time. Why? CNG price is always half of gasoline price. We don’t have to buy new CNG vehicles. Even though there are big demands for these vehicle, the prices are staying law. CNG vehicles costs 50% less and emits over 65% less pollution. There are about 150,000 natural-gas vehicles in the USA, compared with 5 million worldwide, says NGVAmerica, an advocacy group for natural-gas-powered vehicles. Some advantages of CNG include that 87% of U.S natural gas is domestically produced. 30-40% less greenhouse gas emissions, and of course less expensive than gasoline.

 By: Abdulaziz Alhadlaq

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