Saturday, March 5, 2011

Electric Vehicles vs. Natural Gas Vehicles

By: Mohammed Alfares

     What has now become the comparison between electric vehicles and natural gas vehicles is the benefit of resources for production and the advantages along with the disadvantages of both vehicles that are used. As people think of Electric Vehicles having great benefits such as improving the environment and lower costs to keep the vehicle running, they then do not think of the disadvantages of using electric vehicles.

     Energy resources are very slim when using electric vehicles due to losing power over long distances, having the lack of transmission capacity and electric production to supply a major conversion of energies. With many electrical outages during the summer electric vehicles have a loss of a resource to gain more power and with batteries for the electric vehicles being produced in other countries with an unreliable system that is improvable for this production; natural gas vehicles have the benefit of more resources and less of a chance of failure.

     Natural gas energy companies and producers have become more of a sensible system such as the production of natural gas pipelines that lose less energy than high tension electric transmission lines rather than electric power plants along with foreign made batteries and electric transmission lines. Also, there is a growing oversupply of natural gas from pipelines while there has not been much of a large oversupply of transmission capacity.

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