Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Noise Makes Electric Cars Safer

     Should electric cars make noise? The ordinary cars produce not only air pollution, but also noise pollution. The electric cars are emphasize on the environment issues, so should they be quiet? Obviously,  the answer is no. The noise electric cars make can be a warning to pedestrians. There are several discussions about what noise the cars should make (

     Althought electric cars can solve noise pollution, they may be more dangerous for people. Many people killed by the green cars, including the blind, pedestrians and bicyclists. The blind use their hearing to locate and avoid dangers, and the pedestrians and bicyclists also use the sound to know if a car is coming or not. So it's important to make the electric cars have noise so that we can avoid dangers and traffics. However, if the "make quiet cars noisy" were to have its way, the problem of noise pollution will still remain unsolved. (To know more information, go to:

- Xiaoting Wu

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