Sunday, March 6, 2011

What is a Natural Gas Vehicle?

By: Mohammed Alfares

Natural gas vehicles or NGV’s were designed to run specifically on natural gas to help lower costs without having to have two fueling systems.  With this advantage, natural gas vehicles can have more storage space and have lighter weight than with regular or conventional fueled vehicles.  However, a new study has been conducted by using the combination of compressed natural gas with hydrogen to explore the possibilities of better efficiency.  Natural gas vehicles provide low emissions, costs for both fuel and the vehicle itself, and better performance than the bi-fuel vehicles.  

With the benefit of these types of vehicles, some owners have reported that these vehicles last two times longer than the conventional fueled vehicle and have lower amounts of maintenance and harmful emissions polluted into the environment.  However, natural gas vehicles can be comparable with conventional fueled vehicles for cruise speed, acceleration, and horsepower.  

With that being said, natural gas vehicles can not be compared with conventional fueled vehicles because NGV’s have lower amounts of energy content in the natural gas substance.  Natural gas vehicles can use two different fuels which are compressed natural gas or liquefied natural gas which have been stated in the Energy Policy Act of 1992 and are also qualified for alternative vehicles under the vehicle Tax Credits.

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