Monday, March 7, 2011

Natural Gas Vehicles

NGVs were invented about forty years ago and they have been around since then. In certain countries, the use of NGVs started before the 1970s. However, their use has not been uniform – they are popular in certain regions and unpopular in others. The usage of NGVs in the United States, some regions in Western Europe and much of Asia has been restricted to commercial purposes. However, there exist a considerable number of countries where NGVs have dual purposes (both commercial and personal use). The popularity of NGVs in these countries can be attributed to factors such as availability of cheaper natural gas, consequently leading to a decrease in oil imports, and the obvious benefit of reduced emissions. Pike Research performed a detailed analysis of both the prospects and shortcomings facing the NGV industry. They predicted that this industry would grow at 7.9% yearly from the current 12.6 million units to an estimated 19.9 units by the year 2016. They do not envisage that refueling stations will be erected at a similar rate. However, they forecast that by the year 2016, there will be at least twenty six thousand refueling stations around the world. The report prepared provides an insight into NGV-related issues including NGV technologies, the storage and transportation of natural gas, government laws that hinder or spur the industry, and major factors that contribute to the expansion of the NGV industry.

BY: Rakan AlShaye

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