Friday, March 18, 2011

Where can I find an electric car?

Many of us have been stuck in the notion that electric cars are still a thing of the future and that we are still waiting for the technology to improve. Sorry guys the technology for the electric car is old and the improvements are astounding! Every major car dealer has supplied the world an fully electric car and now it the time you get to hear about them.
General Motors has the Volt that gets 40miles on pure electric and 500 miles on a gasoline electric hybrid. General Motors is likely to introduce a electric SUV hybrid in 2012.
Nissan has introduced the Leaf which gets 100 miles a charge from it 100% pure electric propulsion.
Ford is selling the Focus in an array of options. A consumer can pick the fully electric, electric hybrid, of fuel efficient sedan.  Ford is preparing to have 5 electric/hybrid cars by the end of 2012.
Toyota and Honda have be pumping out hybrids for years but both manufactures have a pure electric car and Toyota will release a electric SUV the RAV-4
These car manufactures are the only one gearing up for the electric car craze. China anticipates a need for 100 million charging station by 2020. Manufactures like BMW, Fiat, Volkswagen, and Renault Fluence are launch or preparing to launch their own line by 2013.
Still think this is a underdeveloped idea? Check out Clean Fleets Top 10 car makers to see it they are kidding.

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