Wednesday, March 9, 2011

safety features

When it comes to electric cars the first thing that I think about is the safety features. This is very important to me because of the risk that I first thought that you would run if you drive one. I thought about the rain, can you drive the electric car in the rain? After all if you put your hair dryer in water then you will electrocute. Upon doing further research on the electric car I have now learned that it is very possible to drive your car in the rain.
When the electric car was built it came with standard features that were introduced to help protect the passengers that were riding in the car. Driving an electric car is no more dangerous than driving a gas powered car. The electric car was built with a number of cut off features. Some of these include breakers that cut off the power in case of a short circuit or electric surge. Also going back to the rain, when a car is submerged in water the breakers also cut off all power and stop the car from running.
The electric car also comes with many of the standard car features such at side impact bars, front and rear crumple zones, safety glass and so much more. When you compare the electric car and the standard car you will often find that they have the same safety features as one another. One of the major one’s that I found to be a very good option is that the electric cars weigh approximately the same and gasoline vehicles. To me this is a great feature to have due to the weight of the car and if in a possible car accident. This also helps to keep cars on the road when the wind is blowing fiercely. When taking a look at the safety ratings the electric/hybrid cars scored high safety numbers. The lowest rating was 4 out of 5. A majority of these cars scored 5 out of 5 when it came to all safety ratings.
All in all the safety rating and features that are available in the gasoline cars and comparable to the electric vehicle. These cars when it comes to safety are very comparable to one another. So if the safety features is what is making you decided from the different cars you now have a harder choice.

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