Monday, March 7, 2011

Our most powerful energy solution?

What will be the principal contributing factor in the quest to provide the world with sufficient energy? Though most people would probably answer this question by saying that energy sources such as solar, nuclear or oil are the correct solutions to satisfying the energy demands of the globe, the right answer is increased efficiency in the way people use energy. People may be surprised by this notion, but the simple truth is that technologies that increase efficiency and allow people to accomplish the same or even more tasks while conserving energy are the ultimate answer to the nagging question of satisfying global energy demands while at the same time reducing emissions. ExxonMobil research forecasts a sixty five percent reduction in the growth of energy needs worldwide as a result of increased efficiency. Ordinarily, without any effort towards an increase in efficiency of energy use, worldwide energy needs would increase by an estimated a hundred percent due to an increase in population and expansion of world economies. However, this increase will only be about 35% due to increased efficiency (Cohen). People tend to overlook this factor because efficiency is not a physical, touchable commodity like oil or gas. Also, people tend to look at the situation on a local scale, that is, they tend to look at the efficiency of their light bulbs and other electrical home appliances. However, when this efficiency is taken on a global scale, its impact is enormous.

 By: Rakan Al Shaye

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